UN says its attitude to combat terrorism is responsible; counters PM Modi

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UN says its attitude to combat terrorism is responsible; counters PM Modi's 'irrelevance' charge

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As a reaction to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's concerns about the UN becoming "irrelevant", Farhan Haq, the Deputy Spokesperson for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, came out in defence of the international organisation, and assured that the UN has consistently been taking a responsible attitude in their efforts to combat terrorism.

During PM Modi's visit to Brussels last week, he had pointed out the United Nations' inability to combat terrorism. Addressing the Indian diaspora at Brussels, Modi had said, "I don't know when this will happen but the way situations are changing, it won't be too late when this organisation will become irrelevant."

"The UN encourages international solidarity against terrorism in all its aspects, whether it is terrorist bombings or terrorist financing," Haq was quoted to have said on 5 April.

When faced with a question from a reporter about Modi's criticism, Haq said, "We certainly are trying to take a responsible attitude in terms of dealing with terrorism and the spectre of terrorism worldwide."

He further talked about the Geneva Conference on Preventing Violent Extremism that the UN is conducting on 7 and 8 April, in cooperation with the Swiss government, and said, "The Secretary-General will be speaking at that - in terms of the specific measures that we've been talking about, in terms of handling violent extremism and its spread throughout the world."

He however refrained from commenting on the failure on the UN's part to define terrorism, which was one of the key points PM Modi had made during his critique of the organisation.

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