Brussels attack: Gul Panag

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Brussels attack: Gul Panag's husband, singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya's family safe, moved to secure area

Actress Gul Panag took to Twitter to share details about her husband, Captain GS Attari, whose Jet Airways flight landed in Brussles just minutes before the explosion at the departure hall of the airport.

The actress and activist, who is getting hourly updates from her husband, told Catch that the passengers and the flight crew were trapped in the aircraft for almost two hours before been taken to the secure holding area. She said:

"All updates I got from him I've shared on twitter so family of crew and passengers also know. They all were in the aircraft for over 2 hours. Now have been taken to a secure holding area, he is giving me an update every hour. His name is Captain GS Attari. (sic)"

The actress took to Twitter to share the situation at the Airport so that the family of crew and passengers are aware about the situation. She tweeted:

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Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya's family is also stranded in Brussels. The singer told ANI that they were in a safe part of the airport.

"I am really worried for them, I am very tensed," he said. "Thankfully they are in the safest part of the airport," he said.

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