Watch: one week later; how Delhiites are reacting to the #OddEven policy

Delhi is witnessing one of the strongest measures ever implemented to curb pollution in the city. But onus is on the citizens of Delhi as to whether they wish to forgo their comfort and convenience for better air to breathe.

"Air Pollution is like a disease for Delhites. The pill to cure any disease is bitter. The odd-even policy is a bitter pill to cure a lethal disease." This is what one Delhiite had to say about the odd even policy.

The odd even policy took social media by storm, with many supporting the initiative while others saying it isn't a panacea for Delhi's pollution problem. #OddEvenSuccess and #IamWithOddEven trended highly on social networking site Twitter over the past couple of days.

Data by System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) have been disappointing as it shows an increase in pollution levels post 31st December, but that cannot be attributed only to vehicular emissions.

PM 2.5 levels was 211 on the first, dropped to 180 on the second of January, increased to 215 on the third of January and peaked at 280 on the fourth. Not a very Happy New Year for Delhiites.

But most commuters of the city have taken the initiative with a positive spirit. Catch spoke to commuters from across the city , those who used a car to commute, those who used public transport and even those who owned more than one car.

While some were disappointed with the measures, others hailed it at least as a step in the right direction. Whatever the views, it seems Delhi has come together to tackle the menace of pollution even if it means breathing clean air for a few days.

Text by Vishalh Unnikrishnan

Shadab Moizee

Shadab Moizee @shadabmoizee