Watch: Kerala's leaders rage against Delhi police's beef raid

On 26 October, the Delhi police raided Kerala Bhavan to investigate whether it was serving beef. They didn't find any "contraband", but they did manage to cook up a storm.

"Since when did we become a police state where anyone can barge into our kitchens to see what we are eating?" went the popular outrage.

And what happened to respecting plurality and federalism? More damningly, whose agenda is the Delhi police being asked to serve, the citizens' or the Hindutva brigade's?

The outrage brought many people to Kerala Bhavan to protest the following day, including a host of leaders and MPs from the state, cutting across political affiliations.

They held up signs with slogans like "Fascism has no space in India", "Say no to the politics of hatred", "Protect our food habits! Stop Sangh Parivar attack!".

We caught up with many of them to ask why they were protesting. Watch what they had to say.

Shadab Moizee

Shadab Moizee @shadabmoizee