The life and times of a Messenger of God: the multitalented MSG

Catch Video Team @CatchNews

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is a man who believes so strongly in himself that he's managed to convince 50,00,000 others to believe in him too.

The things they believe in though put even Scientology and its alien-overlord beliefs to shame. From his sporting abilities to his ability to cook pakoras without using his hands, there is no miracle too small that Singh will not claim it, own it and blow it out of proportion.

His followers lap it up even more eagerly. Since the list of his 'accomplishments' is so long, we thought we'd compile some of the stranger (it's all strange) things Singh likes to brag about for your viewing pleasure.

If, at the end of this, you suddenly feel like you've accomplished nothing in life, don't worry - you're in good company.

Catch Video Team

Catch Video Team @CatchNews