The internet is a disorderly 18th century salon: Jerry Pinto #JLF2016

In an interview almost a decade ago, Mumbai-based Jerry Pinto described what he does as "allegedly performing acts of journalism in the somnolent hours of the afternoon."

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To be fair, Pinto has been a journalist - he was consulting editor of Man's World and continues to write frequently for various Indian publications including Hindustan Times and LiveMint. He's also been a math teacher and has written scripts for television and documentaries. Along the way he picked up a law degree just for good measure.

But really, he's always been a prolific writer. He won the National Film Award for Best Book on Cinema for Helen: The Life and Times of an H-Bomb in 2007. His first novel Em and the Big Hoom won him the 2012 Hindu Literary Prize. He's also garnered rave reviews for his children's fiction and poetry (Asylum and Other Poems).

It's a combination of skills and experiences that have certainly won him the right to talk to the JLF audience on How Not To Write A Poem in the time of the big I - the Internet.

Text: Durga M Sengupta

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