#WhatTheYoungThink: Who is anti-national? JNU responds to RSS allegation

'Panchjanya' is back at it. After trying to defend the Dadri killing in its last issue, the RSS publication has turned the heat on to Jawaharlal Nehru University.

The publication's latest cover calls the liberal campus 'Daraar ka Gadh' (The Citadel of Rift) and alleges that JNU is home to anti-nationals and anti-socials.

"JNU is an institution where nationalism is considered to be an offence," claims one article in the magazine.

The RSS organ lambasted JNU for going against socialist ideologies by hosting anti-national events. "JNU is nothing but Capitalism, masquerading as socialism and even Maoism."

Accusing political ideologies of students and professors, the paper alleged when the Soviet block disintegrated, a new political thought emerged in institutions like JNU, which started changing their political slogan from class struggle to caste struggle.

We caught up with many students at JNU and asked them about the Panchjanya articles. Watch what they had to say.

Shadab Moizee

Shadab Moizee @shadabmoizee