One year on: what Varanasi thinks of Modi. A video diary

Benares, or Varanasi, is one of the oldest living cities of the world, and among the biggest tourist attractions in India.

However, it has been ignored and neglected for years. Development issues, crime, sanitation and a polluted Ganga has crippled the city since time immemorial.

So when Narendra Modi announced his candidature from the city for the 2014 general elections, it was a ray of hope for the local people. With Modi as PM, people expected great things were around the corner, and believed the promise that ancient, traditional Benares would soon become a 'smart city'.

That led to Modi winning the seat by a margin of 3.37 lakh votes. Expectations from Modi were especially high from the old city, as compared to the rest of the country.

Modi made a host of promises to the people of the city. He ran his Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, launched the Clean Ganga Mission and promised to make Benares the cultural capital of the country.

A year later, things have turned out differently.

Andrew  Clarance

Andrew Clarance @andrewclarance