Watch: here's what foot soldiers have to say about SwachhBharat@1

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is India's largest cleanliness drive with a budget of Rs 62,000 Crore.

It takes 11 lakh Safai Karamcharis to keep India clean.

The national capital has two lakh safai karamcharis for its 11 districts.

The BJP has ruled the MCD for the past 13 years, having won the Municipal elections for the third consecutive time.

But the MCD has been severely short of funds. The Joint Front of MCD Union claims that the MCD needs 1,300 crore to meet its present running requirement and pay its workers all the arrears due to them. The arrears have accumulated from non-payment of salary and other differentials once their salaries were regularised.

This anniversary of Swachh Bharat, the Akhil Bharatiya Safaikaramchari Mazdoor Sangh is demanding the following:

  • Safety gear for all 50,000 workers in each of the 4 corporations, including gloves, boots, helmets.
  • A cashless medical card to help cover hospitalisation costs for the workers, given that they are susceptible to diseases like dengue.
  • 20,000 houses for Safai Karamcharis under the Bhimrao Amedkar Awaaz Yojana.
  • A pension and gratuity plan for all workers. The current pension scheme covers only a section of permanent workers.

For the foot soldiers of the Swachh Bharat campaign, one year on, they still continue to struggle for dignity.

Adiba Muzaffar

Adiba Muzaffar @adiba_muzaffar