Bakr-Eid Mubarak: what is your goat called?

This Bakr- Eid, we heard about goats being sold at the Bakar-Mandis (goat markets) in Lucknow.

A dark goat called Shah Rukh and another over-sized one, fittingly anointed Salman, were priced between fifteen thousand rupees and a lakh.

We also heard about a lady-goat named Sania, who had many competing buyers. And about one goat with Allah inscribed on his coat. The latter was sold for five lakh rupees.

There were rumours about a goat with a star and moon occurring naturally on its body. Also, about a 125 kilo goat that was called Barfi - named not after a film, but after the food it liked.

So we decided to set out to Meena Bazaar in Old Delhi to meet, for ourselves, other interestingly named goats.

We met goat sellers who were happy to introduce us to their fare - Qurban Khan, Amitabh and Shah Jahan, among others.

Here's a short film, so that you can meet them too.

Adiba Muzaffar

Adiba Muzaffar @adiba_muzaffar