Love, war, wit & the bomb: Einstein talks to Catch

Einstein, there's no doubt, was a character. Which means when an opportunity to interview him comes along, you don't think twice.

But are there any surprises left when you're talking about - or to - one of the world's most-documented geniuses

The answer, it turns out, is yes. A genius never loses his ability to surprise. (See video)

In the green room of the Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore, minutes before he was set to go on stage to play the eponymous title character, we sat down for a chat with Naseeruddin Shah in and as Einstein.

Written by Gabriel Emmanuel and directed by Naseer himself, the play is produced by Motley, and co-directed by Ratna Pathak Shah and Arghya Lahiri.

Where Einstein begins and Naseer leaves off is never clear, and that is the true magic. When you're talking to the one, you can see flashes of the other.

He can speak of physics with clarity, of women with wit, of humanity with hope, of himself with humour.

He can be all you expect him to be and nothing you thought he was. This isn't an interview with the actor that is Naseer; it's a conversation with the character that is Einstein, and it is a revelation.

Video shot by Karan Dilip Worah, edited by Adiba Muzaffar.

Catch Team

Catch Team @catchnews