In ancient India, there was nothing wrong with being an atheist: Amish Tripathi

When Amish Tripathi gave up a career in finance to pursue writing, most would have called him crazy. Crazier still was his vision, a fantasy retelling of Indian mythology.

Few would call him crazy now - crazy-successful maybe, but not crazy. Tripathi's first series, the Shiva Trilogy is the fastest selling series in the history of Indian publishing. It isn't just the millions of books sold or the crores earned, his books have had a far more important effect. His unique blend of fantasy and Hindu mythology has served as an entry point to Hindu mythology, Hindu theology even, for a whole generation of Indians.

Which is just as well, because Hinduism is a topic he is highly conversant with. Naturally, then, when we met up with him on the sidelines of the Jaipur Literary Festival, we wanted to hear what he thinks of Hindu theology and the Hinduism practised by the Hindutva brigade.

Video produced & edited by Andrew Clarance

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