#FREEININDIA: Freedom to Dissent

In a democracy, one should be able to voice one's thoughts. Even if they are contrarian to the official line of thinking. It is this diversity of opinion that leads to the breaking of outdated mindsets. Dissent is not a danger to progress. It is, in most cases, the genesis of progress.

Dissent is only feared by those who toe the official line but lack the conviction or evidence to argue it. With that in mind, let India at 68 be a country that hears the voices of dissent in the wind, and judge them on merit, not fear. Let us welcome those who would question our established ways of thinking, and when there is merit in the dissent, heed it.

Let us broaden our minds and open our ears, not just to things we agree with, but especially to thinking we do not agree with it.

Adiba Muzaffar

Adiba Muzaffar @adiba_muzaffar