#FreeInIndia: why our next fight should be Freedom from Stupidity

Common sense has always been misnamed: it's among the hardest things to find. But never before has such large-scale stupidity thrived as it is in India today.

Our education system is being turned from tool of progress to tool of propaganda. Our students, the unwitting victims.

Godmen and godwomen abound, taking advantage of the gullible. Exploiting them in the name of god and religion.

It's not belief that we need to fight, but those that take advantage of that faith. We need to fight the small mindedness and misguided disruptions of those who've lost sight of the big picture in their petty agendas.

As India turns 68, let us place a premium on intellect. Let us put our value in values that we've arrived at through logic and reason. Let us expand our horizons and broaden our minds so that we leave no room for stupidity. Let India at 68 be an intelligent India.

Adiba Muzaffar

Adiba Muzaffar @adiba_muzaffar