#FreeInIndia: why we aren't really free till we're free from corruption

From the traffic cop collecting a bribe at the signal, to a politician bending the rules for personal gains - every level of Indian society is plagued with corruption.

It's not that no one notices, either. We've had entire people's movements born out of our anger against it. But precious little has changed.

The previous ruling dispensation was swept out, in the hopes of a less corrupt alternative. But corruption doesn't seem to have a party.

We've reached a point where we, as a nation, grudgingly accept its continued existence. But just because we haven't beaten it yet, doesn't mean we quit trying.

As India turns 68, let's raise our voices again, with renewed vigour, against the forces of corruption that leech off of our still growing country. Let India at 68 be a corruption-free India.

Andrew  Clarance

Andrew Clarance @andrewclarance