Freedom to express: the perils and pleasures

India turns 68 on Saturday. But while we live in an independent country, the freedoms we take for granted are under attack, now more than ever. The older we get as a country, the more we should mature. Sadly, that is not always the case.

In a free country, the freedom to express oneself without fear of repercussion should be the basic minimum. But when ideas are stifled, voices silenced, books banned and people attacked, our freedom to expression means nothing.

They say the price of democracy is eternal vigilance, so, on the eve of yet another Independence Day, let us celebrate, but let us also be vigilant.

Vigilant to the forces that would see us mired in the rut of intolerance and small-mindedness. Let us raise our voices in protest against those who would see our voices silenced.

Let us honour the idea of India earlier generations fought and died for.

Text by Ranjan Crasta.

Andrew  Clarance

Andrew Clarance @andrewclarance