1. Mission: Impossible. One more time

Skim Tom Cruise. Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

Clearly It's the K series of Hollywood.

Tom Cruise has earned a lot of fan following by just playing Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible series. But he's still not satisfied, it would seem. Since the first one hit screens in 1996, every follow up film has been released after a gap of four-five years, but not this time.

On The Daily Show, while promoting Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, which is releasing this Friday, Tom Cruise announced that there is another one in the offering! This will be the sixth edition. And that it won't wait four years. Shooting for it will start next summer.

Paramount Pictures, the production company behind the M:I series, told Variety that they're sure Ethan Hunt - the stunts and the sets - deserves another film.

We are not complaining. Let the Limp Bizkit soundtrack sing once again.

Photo: James Devaney/GC Images

2. Is China's Winter Olympics song a 'Frozen' rip off?

The first major problem with the 2022 Winter Olympics being held in Beijing is the utter lack of snow.

Now, one of the 10 official songs for the 2022 Beijing winter Olympics has earned the ire of netizens from within China and abroad who have said that its sounds lot like the ballad Let It Go from Disney's hit film Frozen.

The song in question is The Snow and Ice Dance, sung by the duo Sun Nan and Tan Jing. The allegations of plagiarism first surfaced last weekend in a web story published by leading Chinese business magazine Caijing, but the report has since been taken down.

"Both songs employ a piano as the major instrument, have similar prelude chords and an eight-beat introduction, and they run at almost exactly the same tempo," the New York Times reported.

Perhaps the Chinese believe the song will help keep the atmosphere chilly (not polluted) much alike Queen Elsa who can produce ice and snow at will.

Hear for yourself:

3. Hacktivists wrote a love letter to Jon Stewart - by hacking Donald Trump's website

Skim Jon Stewart (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

We at the Skim love Jon Stewart; this is a fact. So this being his last week of hosting is especially hard for us.

Canadian hacktivist group @TelecomixCanada just made that goodbye slightly better by hacking into Donald Trump's corporate website to post a message of love and adoration for Stewart.

In a page titled "Your Moment of Zen, Mr. Stewart", they heaped praise on Stewart for the many years of laughs and deep thoughts. The letter itself is hilarious and worth reading in full (archived here), but here's a peek:

"Mr Stewart, we at @TelecomixCanada would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the many happy years of quality journalism and entertainment you and your team have undertaken at Comedy Central. While even we, having wired live fire ustreams out of Gaza under Mossad's gaze, are unable to get Comedy Central's website video to work - undaunted we remain your loyal and grateful fans.

Understanding your technical interests remain unexplored you will probably be told of this by one of your most excellent producers. Know, Sir, that your steadfast dedication to the irony and power of Truth has inspired a generation which we ourselves now serve. That our collective thanks appears here will, we hope, amuse you as much as it will them."

Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Comedy Central

4. Soylent is back. There is no God.

Soylent, the edible sludge that once took Kickstarter by storm, is back. No longer will the excuse of it being cumbersome to mix hold good (As if you needed an excuse to avoid it.)

Now, thanks to the super villains pumping it out, Soylent, or Soylent 2.0 as its being called, will come pre-mixed and bottled.

For just $29 dollars monthly, you too can enjoy the feeling of your taste buds forever hating your brain for its poor decision making abilities.

Vegans who hate their mouths can take heart, though. The swill, sorry, "meal replacement drink" is made up of purely vegan ingredients.

Soylent's blog also states that the product has 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals requirements. It also doesn't go bad for a year. Which isn't hard to believe because it's hard for something as terrible as Soylent to get worse.

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