1. New Delhi trap artist Su Real released a new EP 'Brown Folks'

Su Real Brown People EP

Photo: from artist's facebook page. Credit: Pulak Bhatnagar

Trap music is a thing in Delhi, if you didn't know. Su Real has been a steady fixture of the scene in the city and while most of his work is hit and miss, he gets props for at least consistently making new music and experimenting with form.

On the EP Brown Folks, which can be streamed here and bought on OKListen, he samples music from the subcontinent extensively. Get ready to hear lots of Punjabi bhangra interspersed with bass drops. It's reminiscent of Das Racist sampling old Bollywood, used to very different effect, of course.

However, the name of the EP, and the title track, made us pause for thought and possibly intellectualise the songs in a way Su Real probably hadn't intended.

Is 'brown people' accurate to describe people born and residing in India? Though he goes on to name crowds of Indians at shows in Kuala Lampur, Singapore and other parts of the world, much of the song seems to focus on cities in India. Brownness as a concept and movement has largely been one of the diaspora, so some of us at the Skim are feeling skeptical. Correct us, if we're wrong. (We're @CatchNews on Twitter, of course.)

2. Houston, we have a problem: One Direction in space

Remember those childhood dreams you had of being an astronaut? Well, there is no God, so instead of you, One Direction get to live that dream instead. No, no, we haven't shot them into space (in space, no one can hear you sing). The reality is a whole lot more depressing - One Direction got to train at NASA's Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas.

The band shot their latest music video "Drag Me Down" at the space centre and got to use the centre's various facilities for the video. The song is their first since Zayn , who we're assuming was Scary Spice of the group, left.

His loss though. While he pursues his solo career as a tone-deaf banshee and feuds with Calvin Harris, the rest of the gang get to do some incredibly cool stuff.

From playing around in an International Space Station replica to hanging with a humanoid robot, and driving a Mars rover prototype - sorry, we can't complete that sentence, we're already consumed with jealousy and hate.

Oh yeah, they eventually blast off into outer space. No, not really, haven't you guessed this isn't a feel good piece? They do it in a replica of the Orion and some, doubtless expensive, CGI.

3. Nicki Minaj's wax statue don't want none of your Anaconda

Madame Tussauds, the world's go-to place for wax recreations of celebrities and unreasonably impressed tourists, just changed their Nicki Minaj statue.

Unlike their other recreations which pose fairly normally, Madame Tussauds decided to cast Minaj in the mould she cast for herself in her song 'Anaconda'. Yeah, like this:

Nicki Minaj wax statue. Photo: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

Photo: Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds Las Vegas

While most of us probably haven't given much thought to how we'd like to be immortalised, we'd like to think it wouldn't be on all fours, presenting like a panda on heat. You know why? Because stuff like this happens:

There are worse ones than that too. But you might be eating, so we've left them out. Google is a thing though.

Tussauds drew some criticism from the usual outraged feminists, and after enough visitors molested the statue, they have now begun a re-design of the figure's display area so people can't take anymore creepy pictures with it.

4. Whoever writes Tumblr's app description is gunning for a book deal. Or very high.

Ordinarily, when you see an app update it doesn't make for very good reading. Bug fixes and some pathetically underwhelming new features are par for the course. The good folks at Tumblr probably thought so too - which is why they've decided to ditch convention and go all out creative writing on their app updated description.

A long rambling read, the description for the blogging platform's latest iOS update, tells you absolutely nothing about the app, the updates, the add-ons or the bug fixes. Instead it reads like a TV drama - set in the Tumblr head office. It describes CEO David Karp delivering a rousing, almost Coach Carter-like speech to the board. It's hilarious, it's dramatic and most of all, it's not boring and predictable.

It seems out of the blue, but what could possibly be a better endorsement for a blogging platform? Kudos.

5. Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy in a Frankenstein movie? Take my money!

If you're a fan of Daniel Radcliffe and Frankenstein, you're in for a treat. If you're not a fan of either, you need to introspect. If you're a fan of one and not the other, prepare to be converted.

20th Century Fox just dropped the trailer for their upcoming movie Victor Frankenstein, and it promises to be amazing.

Starring James McAvoy as the titular mad scientist, and told from the point of view of Daniel Radcliffe's hunchback-less Igor, the movie is an action/horror re-telling of Mary Shelley's age-old horror classic.

The movie will also star Andrew Scott (Moriarty from Sherlock) and Jessica Brown-Findlay from Downtown Abbey, but the real star of the movie, at least based on the trailer, is the camaraderie between Igor and Frankenstein.

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