1. The new Deadpool trailer is bloody. Hilarious.

Marvel's list of big screen blockbusters looks set to get longer. After an initial teaser, the full trailer for Deadpool dropped and it's bloody and hilarious in equal measure. It's also a tad bit NSFW based on how uptight your workplace is:

Ryan Reynolds, who previously essayed the role in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, retains the role of the titular character. Mercifully, Reynolds has said that the Deadpool in the movie will not be based on the crap-tastic Deadpool from the Origins movie.

The trailer shows us the genesis of Deadpool and highlights his characteristically dark humour. It also doesn't hold back on the gore with multiple head shots thrown in ensuring the action isn't overshadowed by the humour.

While Deadpool's last avatar on screen was only bearable once he had his mouth sewn shut, the new Deadpool promises to leave many comic book novices a new favourite superhero.

2. One panel later, American entertainment media is already in love with Priyanka Chopra

Yesterday, Priyanka Chopra appeared at the Television Critics Association's press tour in Los Angeles to promote Quantico, the ABC show in which she will star this fall. The show's producers clearly had high hopes for her, considering she was the only one among the show's ensemble cast at TCA to promote it.

Their gamble paid off. American entertainment media seem to love her. Critics from TV Guide, The Wrap, Vulture, and Buzzfeed all took the time to sing her praises on Twitter.

Priyanka's starring in a big show on a big network (ABC) during America's biggest TV season (fall). She's in a good position to make a splash. And if these early reactions are anything to go by, it seems like she's right on track.

Whether or not she'll ultimately prove to be the Bollywood brand ambassador of all our dreams remains to be streamed.

3. One of the world's biggest male porn stars talks himself into discovering he's a feminist

Some smart writer over at ELLE magazine got porn star James Deen to realise he was a feminist. An excerpt:

"It's 2015," Deen says. "I think our society in this day and age should admit, agree, and accept that females have sexuality." Sounds pretty feminist to me, but when I raise this idea, he protests: "I wouldn't consider myself a feminist," he says. "People are just people. Some people are assholes. Some of those people are men, some of them are women. At the end of the day I want everyone to have the respect that they deserve and to respect people's civil liberties and rights." A pause. "I don't know, maybe I am a fucking feminist!"

Deen's not necessarily our pick for feminist mascot, but his sheer unlikelihood makes him a valuable asset. (And if it sounds to you like we're part of some kind of covert feminist mission, rest assured, you're not the only ones who think feminism is up to something sneaky.)

It also helps us make this point (which we have made in various ways across the site): If male porn stars are coming out and self-identifying as feminists, perhaps our homegrown moral police ought to rethink the idea that they must ban porn to protect the interest of women.

Women love James Deen. (Yes, they watch porn. Shocker.)

4. These 3800 words on sushi were the best thing we read on the internet yesterday

Okay, slight exaggeration - it's not about sushi only.

But Eccentric Culinary's deep-dive into how Japanese food became the global obsession - starting first with American obsession - it is today is totally worth your time if you a) like Japanese food or b) don't like Japanese food, because it's a fascinating tale of how cultural transference occurs.

If you thought sushi was a recent American love, for instance, the title of the piece alone with set you straight. Called The Great Sushi Craze of 1905, Part 1, it takes readers through 'the unexpected history of Japanese food in America, from Edo Bay to the Bowery'.

For a food history, there's remarkably few hunger-inducing images in there; what there are, however, are fascinating details including the first ever known use of the word sashimi in English.

Excited? So are we. Especially because writer H D Miller promises part two of the deep-dive next week.

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