World T20 be damned, politicking is still DDCA administrators

World T20 be damned, politicking is still DDCA administrators' priority

The politics

  • Delhi is one of the venues for the ICC World Twenty20, which begins on Tuesday
  • However, instead of preparing for the matches, DDCA officials are busy politicking as usual

The inaction

  • About 100 DDCA employees are on strike, demanding various things
  • And yet, instead of solving problems, officials are building up vote banks

More in the story

  • A senior official's proposal to make money through a corporate league
  • Ongoing legal tangles and how they'll impact the hosting of the World T20

The first of the ICC World Twenty20 matches slated to be played in Delhi is just a few days away, and one would expect the focus of the DDCA administrators to be solely on organising the matches without a hitch.

However, this is the DDCA, whose waters are murky on a good day. The body's internal politics continues unabated, and people continue to pull in different directions. Recently, 100-odd DDCA employees have gone on strike over various demands, and one top official has floated a proposal to launch a Corporate League to earn some cash for the organisation.

On top of all this, there's a huge question mark over Delhi's hosting rights to the World T20, as the Delhi High Court has ordered the demolition of an illegal building at the Ferozeshah Kotla stadium.

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Now, the DDCA is waiting with bated breath for a hearing in the Delhi High Court on 8 March to know the fate of the building and the World Twenty20 matches. If the court agrees to stay the demolition order for a couple of months, matches can be played. Otherwise, if the matches are relocated to other centres, it would add another chapter to the global embarrassment the DDCA is now used to.

Building vote banks

That's not to say that the DDCA needs outside help to embarrass itself. Its own administrators are capable enough, and have made it the most controversial member of the BCCI.

Despite the DDCA employees' strike, hectic activity is on at the Kotla: constant sound of drilling machines, cutting of plywood and glass, masons shouting instructions to labourers, and rollers repeatedly rolling the pitches.

Inside the congested rooms of the association's administrators, the scheming and politicking continues unabated. They have one eye on a spate of crucial court cases the DDCA is fighting. At the same time, some of them are trying to either build their vote banks or keep their flocks together, because the DDCA elections are coming up sometime within the next couple of months.

There's a dog who is a permanent fixture in the main Kotla corridor. And as one person quipped upon spotting it, there's symbolism at play here - the DDCA has literally 'gone to the dogs'.

Vice-president's proposal

Some DDCA officials manage to come up with 'innovative' plans at times. But as each individual looks at the other with perpetual suspicion, these 'innovative' proposals, too, are seen with the same eye of mistrust.

The latest gem has emerged from DDCA and BCCI vice-president CK Khanna, who has floated a proposal to earn Rs 60 crore for the financially-crippled association that would "provide financial stability" to it.

Khanna has surprised everyone with this proposal, especially with its timing, after it was circulated internally a few days ago. He has proposed the launch of a corporate league, which will make captains of industry members of the DDCA, which is known for its financial mismanagement.

His proposal, accessed by Catch, would see the DDCA enrol 20 corporate members, who would collectively pay Rs 60 crore towards a one-time 'corporate membership' fee, at a rate of Rs 3 crore each.

Matches are just days away, employees are on strike, but DDCA officials can't help playing politics

Interestingly, Khanna has floated this proposal at a time when the DDCA membership is closed.

Khanna proposes that each of the 20 corporate members would be entitled to two complimentary match tickets to all international and IPL matches to be played at the Kotla.

"His mind is very sharp and he is constantly up to something or the other. But it has surprised us that he has circulated this proposal when the World T20 matches are around the corner. Also, he knows full well that the membership to the DDCA is currently closed," a DDCA director, who has received the proposal, told Catch.

Court battles galore

That is not all. Almost all bigwigs at the DDCA are at loggerheads, and fighting court battles with one another. A few days ago, after a court hearing in a case between SP Bansal, the 'suspended' president, and Chetan Chauhan, the supposed 'working president', officials loyal to both parties exchange verbal blows. One person reportedly distributed sweets, despite no final verdict having been pronounced.

Bansal has challenged Chauhan on the point that there is no provision in the DDCA constitution for a 'working president'. The case goes on.

DDCA and BCCI V-P CK Khanna has floated a proposal to earn Rs 60 crore through a corporate league

In another court battle a few days earlier, a local court in Rohini vacated a stay on the DDCA AGM/elections, after one of the parties withdrew the case. Surprised at the sudden withdrawal of the case, different people in the DDCA are, not surprisingly, interpreting this development differently.

And the DDCA soap opera goes on.

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Qaiser Mohammad Ali @AlwaysCricket