WATCH: TMC has crossed boundaries of shamelessness, says Kolkata's Mangal Roy

For 34 years, West Bengal was a bastion of the Left. And no matter what political changes occur in the future, it is safe to assume that Bengal will have a section of loyalists who truly believe that Communism is the only way forward.

Mangal Roy is one such man.

Roy, a 65-year-old retired private sector employee, earns a mediocre pension. A resident of Chetla in Kolkata, Catch met Roy in a local market, where he was buying vegetables.

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He will voting for the CPI(M) in the upcoming elections, and hopes for a CPI(M)-Congress victory in the state. He is frustrated with the ruling Trinamool Congress over the repeated reports of corruption within the government.

"The ruling party in the state has crossed all the boundaries of shamelessness. The public has seen the massive Saradha scam and the number of people it affected in Bengal. And now this sting (referring to the Narada sting) that involves corrupt TMC leaders accepting bribes. After all these incidents, there is no way we can be expected to vote for TMC again," he says.

Roy feels no major development has taken place under Mamata Banerjee's rule. "Mamata has done nothing for this state, and whatever little has been done, it's been done with the money made by the government through the Saradha scam. She has done nothing but robbed the poor in the state. Just painting the whole city white and blue does not mean that there has been development."

Roy says he'll have high expectations if the CPI(M)-Congress alliance were to win. He says the CPI(M)'s long rule in the state was instrumental in ensuring education to all segments of the society, something he feels is unique in West Bengal.

The BJP's chances in Bengal, Roy says, are bleak. In fact he is almost outraged at the thought of a BJP government in the state. "Have you seen the interest rates of the banks? In a few years, we retired personnel will be unable to afford food. The Modi government has ruined the economic state of the country. I do not want a BJP government in Bengal."

Video edited by Shadab Moizee

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