Watch: college professors in Bihar give Nitish a 9/10

Elections are not just about politicians. They're about people and issues. And what will really drive their vote.

Catch is, therefore, starting a 'People of Bihar' series, which will daily capture what different impact groups across the state are feeling. This is true insight on the Bihar election: up-close and hyper-personal.

The education system in Bihar is a shambles. The rot starts right from the primary school level, where the lack of qualified teachers is glaring.

There are very few centres of higher education overall, and those that exist are also largely unable to provide a quality job-oriented education.

It's a reality that even the professors at these institutes acknowledge. When students don't turn up for classes at these colleges, they obviously feel bad. But they recognise that the system needs an overhaul from the ground up.

We spoke to a group of professors at the RK College in Madhubani, one of the most backward districts of the state. And the topic quickly veered to politics, considering the Bihar assembly election is the flavour of the season.

Watch what these educators have to say about Nitish Kumar's 10-year reign, and the state of education in Bihar, and how factors like the Dadri lynching and casteism are affecting the polls.

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Shadab Moizee

Shadab Moizee @shadabmoizee