No Frog Prince here, but scientists found 6 amazing new species of frogs

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No Frog Prince here, but scientists found 6 amazing new species of frogs

Anna Verghese @annavergh

If slimy frogs are your thing, these photos will make your day.

If they're not, we still might just change your mind. #Believe

It's astounding to discover that this planet we've inhabited for so long still has surprises in store - but scientists just discovered not one but six of them.

A Canadian-led team of scientists discovered six new frog species in Central and West Africa. Pretty cool, because frogs are the most widely-studied amphibians and this just adds to the richness of research.

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And that research is pretty crucial, including to the study of human diseases, because frogs share a close evolutionary relationship with us. Biomedical research, genetic studies, cancer - basically, we need them frogs.

22 clawed frog species were already known. The latest discovery takes that number to 28.

What you need to know:

  • these frogs live in slow-moving or stagnant water
  • they have claws on their first three toes (some might find that adorable...we won't judge)
  • clawed frogs have no tongues or teeth
  • at five centimetres, they're relatively small
  • usually spend their entire life underwater

More fascinating stuff:

Scientists found these frogs are polyploid. Simply put, they have multiple sets of DNA - which means they were the children of two different species.

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Anna Verghese

Anna Verghese @annavergh