We dare you not to laugh: 14 epic tweets about the Hollande-Modi day out

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We dare you not to laugh: 14 epic tweets about the Hollande-Modi day out

A visiting world leader. A camera-happy Prime Minister. A social-media obsessed country.

Naturally, India's always just minutes away from our next meme.

Last year it was US President Barack Obama. This year it is French President Francois Hollande. Both invited, a year apart, to be Republic Day guest of honour. Very few heads of state get to experience the grandeur of a Republic Day Parade, but before he gets to the main event, President Hollande kicked off his trip in Chandigarh. Why Chandigarh, you may ask? Well, we don't have a clue either.

What we did know was that there would be photo-ops galore.

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PM Modi, after all, is known to never hold back when greeting world leaders, from hugging Obama to holding hands with Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif. Sometimes, the photo ops don't even need to involve a second person - we all remember that suit and this photo with terracotta warriors in China, after all.

On their return to New Delhi, Modi and Hollande took an 'eco-friendly' metro ride to Gurgaon, to inaugurate the interim secretariat of the International Solar Alliance at an event at the National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) on Monday.

Naturally, the cameras went wild again. And where you have a bunch of cameras clicking nonstop, you're bound to have 'a moment'.

This trip has already seen two of them. And Twitter, which seemed to be waiting with bated breath for the gift of the next big meme, erupted in joy when two photographs hit their timelines.

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Here's what happened next.

Well if those are anything to go back, take a look at these reactions to Modi's 'epic Titanic' moment at the rock garden in Chandigarh.

Where there's a foreign president, our own cannot be far behind. Two other gems from Hollande's trip come from a meeting with President Mukherjee.

And finally, if it isn't him looking at the camera, chances are because he's looking into it.

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