Cheryl Cecchetto hosts an epic Hollywood party, and you

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Cheryl Cecchetto hosts an epic Hollywood party, and you've never heard of her

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The Oscars are the biggest thing in film - and the post-Oscars dinner party is naturally the biggest thing on Hollywood's party calendar.

There isn't just one party, of course - today, Sunday, LA is the party capital of the world. Elton John and David Furnish throw a viewing party to beat them all. Every big producer throws their own Oscars bash - from the Weinstein Co to Fox - and then there's other power players on the fashion and luxury circuit, from InStyle magazine to Mercedes Benz to official champagne of the Oscars, Piper Heidsieck.

Ambience of the oscars GovernorÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š―ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’����ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’����ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’���ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’����ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’����ÃÃҀ ’ƒΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€šΓƒΓƒΓƒΒ’€ ’‚ÃÃÒ€ ’ƒΓƒΒ’€š’���s ball. File photo

File photo

But the party every single winner shows up to, still clutching their coveted golden statues in their hand, is the Governor's Ball, the official Oscar's afterparty at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at the Hollywood and Highland Center.

1,500 of Hollywood's most legendary names will attend, with more prestige, wealth, fame and influence per square foot than anywhere else on the planet for this one night.

And the woman who puts this party together?

Cheryl Cecchetto.

She's the owner and president of Sequoia Productions and has organised this mother-of-all-events for 27 years running - even longer than celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has catered it (22 years this year).

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Perhaps it's fitting that Cheryl is the daughter of Italian immigrants to Canada -who inculcated in her a love for a loud, noisy, family gathering with tables groaning with food. And that she helped her uncle run his restaurant as a teen.

But she didn't set out wanting to be Hollywood's events queen. Like most people who come to LA, she wanted to be an actress - in fact, she studied theatre arts, where she honed a love for the dramatic and for the production elements of a performance.

Eventually, though, those became the skills that put her in the right place for an entirely different job - producing the edgy, extravagant entertainment affairs that make up Hollywood parties. She took a job with a catering company while waiting for the acting job of her dreams - but the dye was cast.

Today Cheryl isn't just an events planner, she's a trendsetter in the world of big entertainment. Her events aren't 'parties' - they're entertainment extravaganzas in every sense of the word.

And the Oscars are hardly her only client - she produces the Emmy's governor's ball, the People's Choice afterparty, and virtually every big-name affair in Hollywood you can think of. She has clients across North America and Europe, and creates the trends that trickle down into party experiences in homes across the world. She even produces, halfway across the planet, Australia's elite G'Day USA Gala.

Actress Margot Robbie attends the  87th Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball at Hollywood & Highland

Actrees Margot Ritchie at the 2015 Governor's Ball. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

This year, for instance, the 1,500 guests who arrive at the micro-managed, meticulously planned Oscar's afterparty will walk into an art-themed affair, with 170 caricatures that highlight film luminaries. Old Hollywood glamour is what the decor, food and atmosphere will recreate - and her real magic is, as always, in creating a sense of immense intimacy and personalisation at epic scales.

That means Wolfgang Puck may have 50 dishes on his menu - including gluten free, dairy free and vegan options - but he will also have a ton of prepped ingredients and 8 chefs on hand to create any dish a guest might ask for.

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There will be entertainment, truckloads of flowers and candles and decor, 900 staff to ensure seamlessness, the most famous - read entitled - names on the planet, and behind it all one woman managing the night with nerves of steel and attention to detail of a surgeon.

And yet, assembly-line is precisely what parties should not be, to Cheryl. Her number one tip to a host, as she said in an interview to Ottawa Citizen, is "Think like a hostess, not like a waiter. You want to be the person who sets everyone at ease, so if someone walks in late and flustered, you say 'Wow, you really need a glass of champagne, try this incredible nibble, put your feet up and enjoy the music.' You transform their state of mind immediately, with every aspect of the event."

And that's what Cheryl manages to pull off, year after year, to the most party-saturated crowd in the world - give them something to be surprised by, shocked by, pleased by, when they walk into their next A-list event.

In the process, she has become both a repository of more gossip than any magazine editor on the planet - in fact, one chapter of her autobiography, called Passion to Create, is called Divas, Disasters and Near Misses. It recounts funny stories and challenges that happen behind the scenes when producing an event.

"Most of the time guests never know what might be transpiring behind the scenes. I must say, I loved sharing stories about the crazy antics and big heart of two-time Oscar winner Shelley Winters. I was Shelley's assistant for almost a year when I first moved to Los Angeles. She was the most loyal, demanding, zany, fun-loving, generous person I have ever met. Shelley called me her "Hit Girl." I learned from Shelley to find the joy in everything, not be intimidated, and to stop at nothing to live life fully," laughed Cheryl in an interview to

Aspire to become an unforgettable host - and laugh at some celebrity madness while you're at it? Pick up a copy of Passion to Create for inside stories and insider tips from the world's most respected party host.

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