WATCH: Five Facts - Myanmar's first civilian President in half a century

Mynamar elected its first civilian president in more than half a century on Tuesday, 15 March.

President-elect U Htin Kyaw (pronounced Tin Chaw) will be formally sworn in on 30 March and will take over from outgoing President Thein Sein, a former Army general, who played a crucial role in Myanmar's transition to democracy.

Sein, considered a moderate in Myanmar's context, had been selected by Senior General Than Swe for the job.

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Myanmar has now elected a civilian president from the pro-democracy National League for Democracy (NLD) and two vice-presidents. One of them, U Henry Van Htee Yu, is a Chin Christian and is from the NLD. The other, former general U Mynt Swe, is a nominee of the Military.

Myanmar remains a "managed democracy" with the Military continuing to play a significant role, including 25% seats in both Houses of Parliament, which gives it a veto on Constitutional amendments and control over crucial portfolios.

The present Constitution adopted by the Military in 2008 has a specific provision banning Aung San Suu Kyi from contesting for the presidency. She tried to negotiate a change in the Constitution so that she could contest but failed in her attempts.

The new president, U Htin Kyaw, is a close confidante of Suu Kyi and she hopes to govern Myanmar through him as a proxy.

Video edited by Andrew Clarance.

Text: Joyjeet Das

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