Searches for How to Move to Canada just skyrocketed. Here

Searches for How to Move to Canada just skyrocketed. Here's why

Payal Puri @payalpuri

Since Super Tuesday results started to come out, Google searches for 'How can I move to Canada' reportedly rose by over 300%.

It's not rocket science to reach the conclusion these searches are coming from the US.

Why though? What's Canada got that America, or the rest of the world even, doesn't?


For starters, THIS man

trudeau embed canada

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau. Photo: Chris So/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Who put together arguably the most diverse cabinet on the planet including 50% women "because it's 2015."

Who announced last month he would march in Toronto's Pride Parade this July. Making him arguably the first sitting premier anywhere in the world to do so.

It's not like he's adopting the 'gay cause' for public perception either. He's attended Pride Parades in Vancouver and Toronto for years - he just wasn't PM then.


And the fact that they decidedly don't have THIS man

trump canada embed

Donald Trump during a Super Tuesday night event in Florida, US. Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images


They understand the meaning of the word 'fair' like very few countries on the planet

And it's nothing to do with your skin colour.

gay marriage canada

Photo: Raymond Roig/ AFP Photo

They've had marriage equality since 2005

They have universal healthcare.

Their constitution rules you don't have to be born in Canada to be Prime Minister.

They have religious freedom.

Their humaneness to the refugee situation - especially under Trudeau - has been remarkable.


Their sense of humour is awesome. This video is proof

When Canada realised that its neighbour, the "greatest country in the word" has Donald Trump as presidential candidate frontrunner, they went into emergency mode and came up with an alternative.

They pitched 'Canada' as candidate for US president.

In this awesome video


The Canadian side of the Niagara Falls is way prettier than the American

niagara canada

Canadian side. Photo: Cole Burston/Bloomberg via Getty Images


They. Don't. Like. Guns.

Gun laws are among the strictest on the planet.

Do we really have to explain why this is a good thing?

shooting canada

Tributes to those killed in the San Bernardino shooting of 7 December 2015 in California. Photo: Frederic J. Brown/ AFP Photo


And finally, they invented that most 'American' of foods, peanut butter

Payal Puri

Payal Puri @payalpuri