Eid Mubarak: a video diary on the meaning of roza

The rituals, practices and principles that make your fast 'complete'

Ramadan, roza, sehri, iftaar.

We hear the words frequently at this time of year.

They do the political rounds, to serve political purposes. But across the world, in homes and mosques and tiny streets and community gatherings, there is nothing holier than Ramadan, a month of collective fasting practised by Muslims who go without even a drop of water from dawn to dusk.

It's rigorous self-control - till sunset. Then come the evening festivities or 'iftaar', when you may mistake the word fasting for feasting, seeing the elaborate spread of food at even the humblest tables. Banquets are hosted, invites are sent, and the nights are long, scented with the fragrance of spices - and faith.

Many attempt the roza, but it's arguably the most challenging fast in the world. What goes into a 100% successful Roza; what tenets may never be flouted and which are mere myth; we decided to dive into the chaotic sights and rich scents of the fast that forms an annual cornerstone for the faith of millions around the world.

Shot and Edited by: Adiba Muzaffar

Sound: Saahil Ali

Catch Video Team

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