Watch the Budget roundtable 2016: how to read the Indian economy?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power on a key promise: economic revitalisation. Or, more famously, "acche din". Inevitably, the grace period is closing in and the scrutiny is getting hotter.

Is his government delivering? Is Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's claim about India growing at 7.5% true? If yes, is it translating into tangible benefits on ground? Should high growth really be the predominant goal? Why is the farm sector in escalating distress? Why are there no jobs? Should welfare schemes have been rolled back? Why are exports and manufacturing indices sliding? Why are bad loans crippling the banks?

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In short, how is the country feeling?

On 29 February, the Modi government will deliver its second budget. With that as a frame, four disparate stakeholders - two economists, a farmer advocate, and a corporate head -- take a hard look at the economy. And come up with some unexpected answers.

Watch Part 1 of Catch's round table with economist Surjit Bhalla, former planning commission member Sudha Pillai; former advocate Ajay Jhakar; and Sunil Jain, CEO, Hero Future Energies, in conversation with Shoma Chaudhury, Editor-in-chief of Catch, and Neeraj Thakur, assistant editor, Business and Economy.

Camera: Ranjan Crasta & Shadab Moizee

Produced: Andrew Clarance

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Catch Team

Catch Team @catchnews