2016: Can 94 % of India be ignored? Watch Catch's Roundtable on the Economy

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On 29 February, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government will present its second budget. In the midst of polarizing debates about nationalism, this re-angles the stage lights on the big questions around India's economy.

Can India duck global down-winds? Has the government started to deliver on its promises? Does it really have any innovative approaches up its sleeve? Can it create jobs? Can it simultaneously keep farmers, workers, traders, corporates, and the youth -- urban, rural and tribal -- happy?

Most discussions around the economy focus primarily on markets, corporates and the middle class. But almost 94 percent of India lives outside the formal economy. Can India afford to keep 94 percent of itself out of the conversation -- and hope to thrive? Can it afford to be blind-sighted about labour and farmers? What is the upstream impact of farmer despair? How will it affect the urban consumer? What, in fact, is the upstream impact of rolling back investments in welfare?

Part 2 of Catch's Roundtable on the Economy takes on all these questions.

Watch economist Surjit Bhalla; former planning commission member Sudha Pillai; former advocate Ajay Jhakar; and Sunil Jain, CEO, Hero Future Energies, in conversation with Shoma Chaudhury, Editor-in-chief of Catch, and Neeraj Thakur, assistant editor, Business and Economy.

Camera: Ranjan Crasta & Shadab Moizee

Produced: Andrew Clarance

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Catch Team

Catch Team @catchnews