'Just make jokes': talking to funny women

Devika Bakshi


Why are there so few women in stand-up comedy in India? Is stand-up unfriendly to women? Is there such a thing as female humour? How sexist is comedy? Are feminists too sensitive? Are comedians too mean? Don't you have to 'punch up'? Is there a line you can't cross? What do we make of offence? Where are we at, basically?


L-R, Neeti Palta, Aditi Mittal & Radhika Vaz

These are some of the questions I brought to Aditi Mittal, Radhika Vaz and Neeti Palta, three of the most visible and successful female stand-up comics in India. They humoured me, with great sass and insight.

This audio story is what resulted.

Devika Bakshi

Devika Bakshi @devikabakshi